About Me

Etai Vardi is a prominent figure in New York's real estate market, boasting a prosperous career spanning over two decades as a seasoned real estate developer and investor. With a keen eye for spotting potential investment opportunities and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Etai has significantly impacted the industry. Beyond his professional success, Etai's philanthropic endeavors and personal interests in gardening and music make him a well-rounded individual.

Early Life and Background

Born on December 23, 1981, in Cleveland, Ohio, Vardi's early life was shaped by unique experiences. Growing up on a kibbutz in Israel, he embraced a communal lifestyle and developed a strong work ethic, instilling a deep appreciation for community values.

Career Overview

Etai's career in real estate began in 2004 at Prestige Homes, where he honed his skills in selling houses. His passion for identifying potential investment properties and lots for redevelopment became evident during this time. He further refined his property acquisition and evaluation expertise at Home Buyers Inc. from 2006 to 2008.

2008 Etai founded the Trademark Development Group, successfully navigating the company through challenging market conditions after the 2008 financial crash. Since then, his firm has been crucial in revitalizing distressed properties across Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. Etai's strategic vision for long-term investment has contributed to transforming numerous neighborhoods.

Areas of Expertise

Etai Vardi's extensive expertise in real estate encompasses various aspects. He has a remarkable talent for identifying distressed properties with potential for redevelopment. Additionally, his ability to resolve complex title issues has been instrumental in ensuring smooth real estate transactions.

Etai's deep understanding of construction and renovations has allowed him to execute projects excellently. His strong network of architects, contractors, and city departments ensures quality standards are met in every endeavor.

Philanthropic Involvement

Etai is a successful real estate developer and a dedicated philanthropist. He actively supports Care for Special Children, an organization that empowers individuals with special needs. His contributions to Michael J. Fox Parkinson's research highlight his commitment to advancing medical science and supporting those affected by the disease.

As a patron of WNYC, New York's premier public radio station, Etai contributes to the enrichment of the community through informative programming. His involvement with CHABBAD, an international Jewish organization providing educational and outreach services, demonstrates his dedication to promoting cultural and educational initiatives.

Personal Life and Interests

Etai's personal life reflects his commitment to achieving a well-rounded lifestyle. He has developed a passion for gardening, finding solace and creativity in nurturing plants and connecting with nature. Music is another significant aspect of his life, providing him an outlet for artistic expression and relaxation.

Etai Vardi's illustrious career in real estate, marked by extensive knowledge and an unwavering commitment to excellence, has profoundly impacted New York City's dynamic real estate market. His philanthropic contributions and personal interests demonstrate his dedication to his profession, the broader community, and personal growth.

As Etai continues to shape the future of the city he calls home, his legacy in the real estate industry is set to endure, impacting countless lives through his exceptional work and charitable endeavors. His multifaceted approach to life, encompassing real estate development, philanthropy, gardening, and music, exemplifies a well-rounded individual dedicated to positively impacting various spheres.


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