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Etai Vardi's remarkable journey in real estate began in 2004 when he entered the world of Prestige Homes, gaining invaluable experience in selling houses. During this formative period, Etai discovered a deep passion for identifying potential investment properties and lots with redevelopment potential, setting the foundation for his subsequent transition to Home Buyers Inc. in 2006. Here, he honed his property acquisition and evaluation skills, fueling his enthusiasm for the industry. In 2008, displaying remarkable resilience and adaptability, Etai founded his real estate investment firm, the esteemed Trademark Development Group. Navigating through the turbulent market conditions following the 2008 crash, he successfully steered his new venture toward prosperity. Since 2010, in tandem with the Trademark Development Group, Etai has played a pivotal role in transforming numerous distressed properties into valuable assets, significantly contributing to the revitalization of various neighborhoods.

Presently, Etai's strategic focus centers on building a diverse portfolio of income-producing rental properties across the vibrant landscape of New York City, guided by a vision for long-term investment. Etai's expertise in the real estate domain is extensive, encompassing various vital aspects, such as identifying distressed properties, locating heirs to estate properties worldwide, and skillfully resolving complex title issues. This multifaceted experience has firmly cemented his reputation as one of the leading professionals in the field. Moreover, Etai possesses a profound understanding of construction and renovations, forming a critical component of his professional prowess. Over time, he has cultivated a robust network of architects, contractors, and various city departments, ensuring seamless project execution and unwavering adherence to the highest quality standards. Beyond his professional achievements, Etai demonstrates a compassionate spirit through active engagement in philanthropic activities.

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